Simple Ring Ear Cuff_0106001510, Mughal Ear Cuff_0106002710, Tahiti Pearl Ear Cuff_0106000910 | Black Sapphier Arrow Hook Earrings_0119000510 | Bat Wing Bone Necklace_0104000210 | Iceblue Beryl Ring_0102012810, Manhattan Doubleline Diamond Ring_0102013410, “Mughal Gate” Mughal Collection Diamond Ring_0102012618 | Ring ring oval Bangle_0108000210

  • Ear Cuff w / Two Rings_0106001110, Ear Cuff With Small Ring_0106000310, “Anneau” Diamond Ear Cuff (Black Diamond)_0106000410 | Octagon Pave Diamond Arrow Earring_0118002310 | Iceblue Beryl Necklace_0103003710, Iceblue Beryl Necklace_0104002110

  • ALL About Basics Collection, Simple Finger Ring_0102000218, Manhattan Double Bridge Diamond Ring_0102013310 | Ring Cuff (Pinky)_0102010610, South Sea Pearl × Akoya Pearl Ear Cuff_0106002510, Double Line Ear Cuff_0106003010, Akoya Pearl Diamond Ear Cuff_0106002810 | Iceblue Beryl Earring “M”_0117011410 | Octagon Pave Diamond Necklace_0104002310

  • Ear Cuff w / Three Rings_0106001210 | Floating Moonstone Earrings “L”_0106002710 | Wheel of Fortune Diamond Pave Pendant (S size Disk)_0103003110, Gold Long Bar Diamond Necklace_0103003310 | Gold Bar Diamond Pinky Ring_0102007710

  • Akoya Pearl Ear Cuff_0106000510, South Sea Pearl × Akoya Pearl Ear Cuff_0106002510, Akoya Pearl Ear Cuff_0106000510 | White South Sea Baroque Pearl Floating Earring “L”_0106001110

  • Crinoid Long Tassel Earring_0120000410 | Diamond Pave Long Necklace_0104001210 | 18K Chain Ring_0102015118, Wheel of Fortune Ring Full Diamond Wheel_0102008710, Wheel of Fortune Diamond Ring_0102009810 | Silk Spiral Wrist Cuff w / Diamond (Yellow Gold)_0108001410, Silk Spiral Wrist Cuff w / Diamond (Rose Gold)_0108001410

  • Double Line Ear Cuff_0106003010 | Manhattan Diamond Earring “M” _0117011810 | Manhattan Empire Diamond Ring_0102013510, All About Basics Collection Simple Finger Ring_0102000218

  • “Sheald” Mughal Collection Diamond Ring_0102012418, “Pointed Oval” Mughal Collection Diamond Ring_0102012318, 18K Cigar Band Ring “S”_0102015018, Short Diamond Bar U Shape Ring Pinky Size_0102006010, “Large Cassowary” Camouflage Ring_0102013210, “Orchid Mantis” Camouflage Ring_0102013010, Obelisk Ring_0102005010, All About Basics Collection, Simple Finger Ring_0102000218 | Mughal Ear Cuff_0106002710, Vanilla Beans Floating Diamond Earring “L”_0116002910 | Manhattan Empire Diamond Necklace_0103003810