“EQUINOX” Hirotaka’s First Silver Collection

This Fall, Hirotaka reveals “Equinox”, its first silver collection. The line launches with the “Pyramid” series, available at hiro-taka.com and in-store on September 15th.

Designed for all, “Equinox”, is stark and distinctive with a masculine edge, clean lines and boldness that creates an instant statement. When layered with Hirotaka’s core styles, the large, geometric shapes add depth and dimension. To reflect the modern pieces, a new bauhaus-esque logo outfitted with an asterisk is unveiled, representing the flash and flare that sterling silver brings to Hirotaka.

Inspired by silversmith techniques and fine silverware inherited through generations, the sharpness and heaviness yet elegant texture of the precious metal is interpreted into voluminous sculptural jewelry featuring smooth, natural gemstones. Organic forms of animals and plants influence the look as well as architecture and Art Deco hardware. Details are extracted then abstracted to achieve pure and timeless wearable works of art.

Each season a new “Equinox” series will be developed, broadening the “World of Hirotaka” for jewelry devotees worldwide to discover.