Presenting Maison Hirotaka, Hirotaka’s ninth and newest store, situated in Azabudai Hills, Tokyo. This exclusive boutique unveils Hirotaka's inaugural high jewelry collection, welcoming you to experience the brand’s dedication to artistry and craftsmanship. Explore the limited edition pieces, handcrafted with precious materials and carefully selected gemstones. 

Inside, discover mysterious forms, all in an earthy-tone palette crafted to evoke the essence of a lush rainforest landscape in Hirotaka’s signature abstract style. Tropical flora and fauna inspire the design, merging with rare and unique elements in a minimal and modern expression. 

Within the World of Hirotaka, discover an intimate high jewelry section, complete with cashmere carpets and a sitting area, ideal for in-depth examination of the gems. Curated displays of Hirotaka's core styles are accentuated by wood and stone sculptures, illuminated by custom lighting to create an enchanting atmosphere.