Care Instruction

Hirotaka is crafted by hand from precious metals and natural gemstones. Gold jewelry is delicate yet destined to last a lifetime if it's carefully worn and taken care of.

Follow the instructions below to keep your jewelry in its best form:

  • Avoid a shock, hit or other impact damage onto the jewelry. 
  • Avoid wearing while doing rough or hard manual work, exercising, showering, bathing, cooking, cleaning and remove before bed.
  • Keep jewelry away from reach of children.
  • Always remove your jewelry in the high temperature saunas and steam rooms or low temperatures (ex. ski resort). Metal can burn or freeze your skin. 
  • Remove jewelry before swimming or entering a jacuzzi or hot springs.


Wearing and Storing
  • If you have allergic symptoms from gold, remove the jewelry and contact your doctor.
  • Tarnishing is a natural occurrence on all gold, except for 24k. To keep the pieces in pristine condition, we recommend wiping your jewelry with a dry soft cloth to remove body chemistry, cosmetics, fragrance, etc. after every use.
  • Store your jewelry in your jewelry box to limit exposure to dust, heat and other environmental factors. Keep each piece separate to prevent scratching from other stones and metals. 
  • Keep the jewelry in a dark, cool and dry location with a consistent temperature and away from direct sunlight. 



We recommend wiping the surface of the pearls with a dry soft cloth after wearing them to maintain its lustre. The body's natural oils and cosmetics can damage the shine. Pearls are sensitive in nature, so avoid chemicals or excessive temperatures. This material is also very vulnerable to scratching so store individually in your jewelry box to avoid any abrasions. Keep them away from direct sunlight in a dark, cool and dry location with a consistent temperature.



Avoid a shock, hit or other impact damage to protect from fractures or cracks in the stone. Depending on the gemstone, some are quite delicate. Avoid allowing the piece to come in contact with water, heat, natural body oils, sweat, sunlight, harsh chemicals and cleaners.


Fine Chains

Our fine chains are very delicate by nature and require extra care to avoid stretching. We recommend storing the necklace by laying it flat in the jewelry box it came in to avoid tangling. If the chain becomes knotted, untangle it as soon as possible to avoid stretching.


925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver will naturally tarnish with exposure to the elements including oxygen, sweat, personal care products, and chemicals. For daily care, we recommend using a silver polishing cloth followed by a soft cloth on the jewelry.  Please avoid using the silver polishing cloth on the natural stones. Oxidized silver has a tarnished look due to the compound silver sulfide. To prevent the color transfer, please remove the jewelry when exposed to water, sweat, household cleaners, or personal care products.  Silver polishing liquid and silver dips are not recommended as they may destroy the details of the silver and natural stones.  

Enamel/Epoxy Resin
Please follow our care instructions as Resin is a relatively soft substance easy to scratch and is sensitive to chemicals. 



Repair Guide

We accept items to repair if they were purchased from If you would like repairs made, please send your order number and a photo of the piece to Please note that you are responsible for the total shipping costs and customs duties incurred. 


Repair Cost and Leadtime

Our quality control team will assess the damage and possibility of repair and will let you know the estimated cost. You may send in your item via mail to our Tokyo office. Detailed repair information including cost estimate and leadtime will be sent to you once the assessment has been made. The repair will start as soon as the payment is received. Leadtime is usually 4-5 weeks, however, it varies depending on the repair, material and design.


Return Shipping Instruction

We recommend placing the items in a small plastic bag inside a protective outer box with bubble wrap for shipping and insure the package. Please note that you will be responsible to pay the total of shipping costs to us, customs duties incurred. 


Resizing Rings

Unfortunately, we do not offer the resizing service internationally. We are happy to help you find your best fit. Please contact us.