Ring Sizing Guide

The sizes in the website are US sizes. You can find your finger size by using the international size chart below and convert your size. This is for reference only. If you need help to find your best fit, we can help with any questions. Please contact us.


Band-style rings will mostly fit true to size. Choose your usual sizing that fits you most comfortably.

Cuff Rings

Cuff rings are designed with an opening and will run bigger in size. We recommend sizing down—0.5 to 1 US size smaller.

Diameter (mm)Circumference (mm)USUKJapan
12.3738.86US 1B
12.7840.15US 1.5C0
13.2141.5US 2D2
13.6142.76US 2.5E3
14.0544.14US 3F4
14.4545.4US 3.5G 1/45
14.8646.68US 4H 1/27
15.2747.97US 4.5I 1/28
15.749.32US 5J 1/29
16.150.58US 5.5L10
16.5151.87US 6M12
16.9253.16US 6.5N13
17.3554.51US 7O14
17.7555.76US 7.5P15
18.1957.15US 8Q16
18.5358.21US 8.5Q 3/417
18.8959.34US 9R 3/418
19.4160.98US 9.5S 3/420
19.8462.33US 10T 1/221
20.263.46US 10.5U 1/222
20.6864.97US 11V 1/224