Welcome to the World of Hirotaka.

Join us for a deeper look into the inspiration behind the design, exclusive images and styles, and our most favorite things and places.

A Gossamer Love Story

Gossamer / gɑ́səmər / noun

a fine filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun  by small spiders, seen especially in autumn.  Inspired by spiderwebs cathing sparkling dew drops ...


Floating Around

Hirotaka observes the incredible variety of beautiful shapes and colors in the natural world and transforms them into abstract, conceptual silhouettes.One of the most highly romanticized flowering garden plants, Japanese Wisteria vines twist and turn in a clockwise direction up to 9 meters tall ...


Love Letter to Miró

Miró's playfulness with colors and shapes fuels Hirotaka's creative spirit. He first fell in love with the artist when he was traveling from Seville to Paris and stopped at the Museo Nacional del Prado. Miró's childlike genius and winder inspires Hirotaka today as seen in his latest creation ...


Pearls with Attitude

Inspired by all variations of pearls, the Hirotaka collection features Japanese Akoya, Black Tahitian, and South Sea White pearls. The collection celebrates their unique differences showcasing each pearl in style specifically design for it ...



Inspired by the incredible flexibility and beauty of the human body, the collection features extraordinary shapes curved and constructed by the hands of skilled artisans. Long gold chains twist & bend and movable rings gracefully slide side to side ...


Bird of Paradise

The collection celebrates the incredible variations of shapes and colors of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful birds. Found in New Guinea and surrounding islands. Bird of Paradise are distinguished by striking colors of yellow, blue, scarlet, and green. Some have feathers as delicate as lace while others shimmer ...


Stories behind the Stones

Throughout time people have believed in the power of the stone. Gemstone history is extraordinary filled with symbolism, myths, and meaning. Here are the stories of some of our favorite Spear stones ...