“Pyramid” Series Debut

In search of the Sun’s rays

Once a year as the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving north, the Spring Equinox occurs.  Hirotaka’s first silver collection honors this event, infusing the beauty and energy of the rays cast on ancient sites built to be aligned with the Sun on this special day.  “Pyramid”, the first series in “Equinox” launches with sculptural rings inspired by the mysterious methods and incredible perseverance of these historic monuments. 

The imagination and creativity of the legendary landmarks are expressed through the dimensions of carefully hand-cut natural stones. Tiger’s Eye, Black Onyx, Carnelian, and Green Agate were selected for their vibrancy and organic feel.  Shapes mimic light and shadows created by the sacred structures when the Sun moves across the sky. 

Using Japanese craftsmanship and its extraordinary techniques, the stone is flawlessly set into a voluminous silver base then polished simultaneously.  A gentle slope on the gem comes together as if it were a line extending from a beam of light.  Each piece is finished by the hands of a skilled artisan with ultra fine grain and water. 

Every season a new “Equinox” series will be developed, broadening the “World of Hirotaka” for jewelry devotees worldwide to discover.  “Pyramid” is available at hiro-taka.com and in-store on September 15th.