Minimalist design with simplistic and modern pieces that are meant to be layered and stacked.

All About Basics

The collection is a tribute to the devastating situation of the overfished wild Sturgeon as they near extinction due to the extravagant delicacy of their eggs.


A sparkle of natural colour stone to daily style while keeping it minimal and modern.

Bird of Paradise

The elongated shape of the Bow style curves into the inner ear of wearer.


"Bumble Bee" is an abstract take on a fascinating creature. The two-part earring connects an Akoya pearl to an Onyx, Malachite sphere that sits under the lobe.

Bumble Bee

Inspired by the incredible flexibility and the beauty of the human body, delicate chains and threads twist and bend into beautiful, extraordinary positions.


‘Cygnus’ takes the delicate silhouette of a swan and reimagines it in a strong and abstract shapes that are voluminous and avant-garde.


An abstract take on an organic motif, Gossamer features sharp diamond lines in a minimal, sleek design.


Mysterious and beautiful, Indústria transforms this concept into heavier silhouettes.


Inspired by New York City’s Art Deco style, a strong industrial feeling featuring geometric lines that sparkle with sleek diamonds.


All variations of pearls in thoughtful designs that are modern and unexpected.


“Sea Anemone” is a playful piece named for the colorful marine creature that sways in the shallow areas of the ocean. The earrings have a modern bohemian touch, and are available as singles so you can create your own personal, asymmetrical ear story.

Sea Anemone

Evolving from Hirotaka’s signature “Arrow” style, the earpiece can be customized with natural stones, beads and pearls.


Each ring has a special details inspired by the goldsmiths' techniques from the medieval Europe, designed for spacing and easy layering.

Stacking Ring

Hirotaka’s signature diamond bar ‘Trapeze’ necklace is renewed with a center golden part that is striking when layered.


Inspired by the incredible variations of the Treehopper, a tiny, alien-like insect from the Rainforest.


Simultaneously new and nostalgic, “Orbital” has a bold simplicity.


Inspired by one of the most auspicious Tarot cards, “Wheel of Fortune” signifies a positive turning point, good luck and forthcoming fortune.

Wheel of Fortune

Special pieces you can wear every day and cherish forever

18k Gold